Cajutel Token Sale - How to Contribute

Instructions to view the CAJ token in your ERC20-compatible wallet of choice

The Cajutel token contract has the following attributes:

Contract address: 0x2F50AB197F950e0c2184CF5d804f4141502Cd987

Token name: Cajutel

Token symbol: CAJ

Decimals: 18

API/JSON: see here

How to Participate

To participate in the CAJ Token distribution you will need to send ETH to the Ethereum smart contract address set forth below during a period of your choice. The CAJ Tokens will be sent to your wallet immediately. Depending on the software you use, they might not be visible if the software has no knowledge of the CAJ token. If they don't appear, you might to try to add custom token with the same parameters as the contract (API/JSON field wont be needed there)

Please review the following before sending ETH

Any compatible wallet can be used to participate in the token distribution.

To be compatible, a wallet must be one of the following:

  • Able to export your private key
  • Able to add a custom CAJ token
  • Able to call arbitrary contract methods.

CAJ Tokens cannot be received and are lost if your wallet has no mechanisms to interact with smart contracts.

Do not send ETH from an Exchange

If you send ETH to the CAJ Token Contract from an exchange account, your CAJ Tokens will be allocated to the exchange's ETH account, and you may never receive or be able to recover your CAJ Tokens.

There are many incompatible wallets, please check to make sure that your wallet meets the criteria above before sending any ETH. The following wallets are known to be incompatible wallets; this is not a complete list. Do not use any of the following wallets to purchse CAJ Tokens:

  • Any Bitcoin exchange
  • Any Ethereum exchange
  • Jaxx
  • Exodus
  • Coinbase
  • Poloniex
  • Kraken
  • Bitstamp
  • Bitfinex
  • Bittrex
  • And other exchanges

If using the Ethereum Foundation Wallet, the instructions to claim are here:

  • Click Contracts
  • Click Watch Contract
  • For name, enter CajuteltokenSale
  • For address and JSON Interface, enter the information above and click OK
  • Click on your new contract
  • Click ClaimAll from the function dropdown
  • Click Execute and confirm transaction


MyEtherWallet has integrated CAJ tokens and they will load automatically.

Setting up your MyEtherWallet

  1. First, head over to Double check the URL in the address bar & bookmark it.
  2. Create a new wallet

    Choose a strong password. Make sure you write this password down. You can NOT reset it. If you lose the password, you'll lose the access to your wallet & funds.

  3. Download Keystore File

    Download and copy this file to multiple locations, such as your Documents folder and an external USB drive. As the warning says on the website, do not share this with anyone. If they know your password and have this file, they can access your funds. This file is for you and for you alone.

    Also save your 'Private Key'. Your 'Private Key' is another way to access your wallet, without having your 'Keystore File' and password.

    Do not store this key on your computer.

    Rather, click "Print Paper Wallet", which will print your wallet address with the private key to a piece of paper.

  4. Send Ether to your wallet You will need to unlock your address to send Ether to your wallet. Click on the View Wallet Info tab. Open the file you just saved and enter your password. Once unlocked send Ether to the Account address.

If you are using MyEtherWallet, the instructions to claim are here

  • For address and ABI / JSON Interface, enter the information above and click Access
  • Click ClaimAll from the function dropdown
  • Load in your wallet file and unlock it
  • Click Write
  • set Amount to Send to 0 and Gas Limit to 3141592
  • Click Generate Transaction


After you login to Ethereum Wallet / Mist, select the CONTRACTS tab and click WATCH TOKEN to open the Add token window.

Under TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS, enter 0x2F50AB197F950e0c2184CF5d804f4141502Cd987

Then, Enter/check the details of the token:

Token name: Cajutel

Token Symbol: CAJ

Decimal places: 18


imToken is expected to integrate CAJ tokens in the near future. Once it happens, the tokens will load automatically.

In the meantime, you can use the private keys of imToken to access When you created imToken wallet, you should have saved the 12 seed words or the mnemonic phrase.

Go to, and after you click on Mnemonic Phrase, enter the 12 seed phrase. This way you will have unlocked your imToken wallet via a myetherwallet account.

Click Add Custom Token, then fill in the following details:

Address: need to be filled

Token Symbol: CAJ

Decimals: 18