Cajutel Coin-Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cajutel?

Cajutel sarl is a Guinea-Bissau(Africa) based organization under Swiss proprietorship. The organization is being begun as a mobile system in Iceland in 2007 and worked EMAX a rustic wireless system and we have the comprehension of operations to be embraced to grow internet innovation in remote ranges. Our main goal is to build up a system that gives internet innovation to all over Guinea-Bissau (Africa)additionally in the rural and remote region and future development to neighboring nations.

How can I sign-up for Cajutel?

Please check out the website for signup page.

How will CAJ token fund be used?

The requested funds will be used to build the initial network of CAJ and for expansion operating losses for a year until the break even point is reached by which point company can fund its own expansion and operations.

What can we expect from Cajutel in the near future?

Cajutel aims to give the speediest internet around 10X to 100X speedier than the current providers. In West Africa, there is no internet innovation accessible because of the absence of transfer speed and high costs our point is giving a network which can be accessible to the overall population at much moderate cost at a gauge of 30% less cost. Cajutel will be the speediest,reliable and affordable internet service among all. Presently there is only 2 % population is accessing the internet but the rest 98% is our future client base.and also to create a wide boost in education as well as in nation's economy.

What are the marketing and sales Strategies of Cajutale?

Cajutel has emerged in the market with a complete strategic plan to better suit the needs of the local market.We are aim to provide, much reliable and much affordable internet service than the previous service providers. Currently, the market only has a few low level players and Cajutel have the opportunity to expand and take the market because we are early investors in the market with over 25 years of experience.

How much Fund is requested for Cajutel and why so?

CAJUTEL is looking for an investment of 30M$ to cover Guinea-Bissau and Guinea (the big plan) or a minimum of 12M$ for the slower building plan to only cover Guinea-Bissau.

What is the market potential for Cajutel ?

Even though the market in Guinea-Bissau is relatively limited (there are 2 million potential customers), and the business case is aiming for a very pessimistic 5% population share in 4 years it still provides a high return on investment and a high profitability. The whole CAJUTEL business case is optimized that way. This will give CAJUTEL a competitive edge which the existing operators have no way of matching without similar investments.

What happens if not all tokens are sold on the ICO?

This is a question we can't answer yet because this will be a shareholders decision on what to do and this includes all tokenholders as they have become shareholders. There are a variety of options which could be choosen and it depends also on how much we have collected so far.

  • We close and wind up the company. whatever is left is then distributed among shareholders. This requires shareholer majority to do so.
  • We extend the time of the ICO and await more investors to jump in.
  • We start with the little money we have and try to make it slowly. The competition would be stronger, the growth slower.

The main focus is to complete phase 4 which gives us Guinea-Bissau. If we then build Guinea as well depends a lot on how much money we have out of phase 5 and the market conditions in Guinea when we are ready to move into Guinea. One option is to only cover a part. Another option is to only do the fiber to Conakry and use the remaining money to further and faster improve Guinea-Bissau. All tokenholders will have to decide whats best for the company and for their investment.