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Cajutel Token Sale is open from August 18, 2017

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0x2F50AB197F950e0c2184CF5d804f4141502Cd987 is our official contract address. You can verify the source of the contract here Project documentation is here:
. We are extremely grateful for all the support we received during this process.


Dear all,

Our smartcontract developers have called us and informed us on a security issue they have detected while refactoring our contract. We thus had to update it and redeploy it. The new contract address is 0x2F50AB197F950e0c2184CF5d804f4141502Cd987 The old contract has been locked so you cant send ethers to it anymore. I'm really sorry about this last minute change but we want to make sure your investment is secure.

The git repo shows the new code now and the new contract is now deployed:

Andreas Fink

Founder & CEO